People, Not Products

Like a lot of technology companies, we built our previous website to showcase the products we developed. We came up with catchy names like WEB or IN TOUCH (Yes, we even used all caps) and tried to show how these products were helping our clients.

Before launching the website, we shot a testimonial video with three of our best clients and were able capture some really powerful soundbites about how Realty Butler makes them more successful. This was what we had hoped for, but we also learned something surprising that day. Our clients didn’t know - or care about - product names. If asked a question about a specific product, they didn't know which was which. The best clips, the ones we used in the final video, had nothing to do with any product in particular.

We love the products we have built, but our clients have taught us that this is not what matters to them. They are impressed by our team, led by Kristi, and how we help them everyday.

They love how our team has become their team. They don't need to log into their website to make changes, they just make a quick call or send a short email. They know Kristi will take care of it. They love that, no matter how busy selling houses they are, their newsletter will be sent out at the same time every month, and it will be full of local stats and events, relevant articles and, of course, their listings.

Our clients taught us an important lesson that day: It is our people that make a difference to them and to their business. So, we have relaunched our website with people at the centre. BE SOCIAL is gone, but Kristi (normal capitalisation) and her team are here to stay.






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