THIS IS/ Tereasa Haywood

Being a REALTOR® is far from Tereasa Haywood's first incarnation (a fitting analogy, given her interest in Eastern mythology); she has done a number of different things, including building and developing homes, owning a yoga studio and having her own consultancy.

Tereasa has had a strong connection to real estate throughout her life. As a child who was homeless at times, she has said that houses represented to her "Home. Belonging. Security." As an adult, she was not only able to own a home, but also buy, sell and develop properties.

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THIS IS/ Curt Derksen

Curt Derksen is one of our original clients, and because of his success, we use him as an example of what we can do. Curt met Rebecca (Troelstra, one of our founders) while she was working at a RE/MAX brokerage, although the seeds of Realty Butler had already begun to form. Because of that, his success and ours are intertwined; we have grown together. Curt describes it as "the definition of a win-win situation."

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People, Not Products

Like a lot of technology companies, we built our previous website to showcase the products we developed. We came up with catchy names like WEB or IN TOUCH (Yes, we even used all caps) and tried to show how these products were helping our clients.

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